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Fagor Commercial Laundry

Vended Washers

This new generation of washers combine the latest technology with the best quality in components and materials. They are equipped with the most advanced technology in water and energy saving systems, as well as the WET CLEANING feature. Its user-friendly and intuitive programming makes them suitable for all types of laundries, dry-cleaners, self-service and commercial or industrial laundries, hospitals and care homes.

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Whirlpool Commercial Laundry


Top Load Washer

Whirlpool Top Mount-Vended

• 700-RPM Spin Speed

• 1/2-HP Motor

• Easy-to-Remove, Heavy-Gauge Front Panel

• Triple Lip Seal with Garter Springwsp_rte_replace_marker

• Traditional Flex-Vane Agitator

• Cycle Indicator LEDs

• Extra-Large Lid and Tub Opening

• 6' Inlet Hose and 4' Drain Hose Included

• Coin Ready

• 3-Year Limited Parts Only Warranty

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American Dryer Corporation

Vended Stacked Dryers

Stack Dryer - Vended Laundry Mats

Dependable & Efficient

-Superior Airflow: Fast-drying results with advanced airflow pattern
-Large Capacity: Large 7.0 ct. ft. cylinder
-Time Savings: Large, easy-clean lint filter is located upfront
-Space Savings: Stack dryer offers two dryers in the space of one


-Micro-Display: Digital display shows vend price - Four cycle options - Cycle time countdown - LED progress indicators
-Electromechanical: Easy operation - Basic temperature and fabric selections


-Coin Drop Installed
-Prepped for Card Option on MDC
-Coin Slide on Electromechanical

See ADC Stacked Dryers


American Dryer Corp.

Vended Pocket Dryers

Unmatched Industrial Reliability

-Large door & door opening
-Easy loading & unloading
-Extra strong hinge
-Reversible door
-Standard galvanized drum
-Painted oval drum holes preventing damage
from standard drywall screws
-Large lint filter: deposit of lint into large storage area
-Easy removal of lint
-Efficient drying
-Self cleaning filter: no longer manual cleaning
of the filter necessary
-Radial airflow (50 & 75 lb. Models)
-Drum perforations over the entire surface
-High production
-Pulley drive system
-Axial airflow (30, 35, 40 and 55 lb. models)
-Drum perforations only at the front & at the
-Maximum airflow & less energy consumption:
energy-efficient & short drying times
-Large Coin Box
-Designed to withstand vandalism

Wascomat Commercial Laundry

Vended Washers

wascomat wld745


Wascomat Commercial Coin Laundry Washing Machines features include:

Compass Pro – one knob does it all: program selection, custom programming, diagnostics, and more Automatic Savings (AS) determines the exact load weight and adds precisely the right amount of water for significant savings

Higher the extract, the more water is removed, the faster the drying process Super/Power Balance for extended machine life

LaundryPulse compatible – lets you run your business remotely – at any time, from anywhere. Set promotions and happy hour pricing, view real time revenue reports, and more.

LaundryPay compatible – let’s your customers pay for laundry with their phone

Unity Laundry Systems
For Vended Laundry

FRONT LOAD WASHER - For Vended Laundry


  • Elegant design 

  • Durable construction 

  • Effortless maintenance 

  • “Drop and Go” installation   

  • 10-year limited warranty 

  • Savings to your bottom line

Unity Washer Sizes

For Vended Laundry

FRONT LOAD DRYER - For Vended Laundry


-Durable finish in stainless steel or white
-Easy Installation, free standing, any floor, any level


-Large capacity with quiet operation
-Time saving, large, easy-clean lint filter is located upfront


-Micro digital display shows vend price
-Offers four cycle options
-Coin drop or Card prepped


Whirlpool Vended Front Loader