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We do an overall examination of equipment to limit the risks of fire and maintenance calls.

We clean soap boxes and exhaust ducts, including foreign object removal. We inspect valves, hoses, belts, filters, and grease bearings. And that is just to name a few.

Exhaust Ducts in Need of Cleaning

We make recommendations to reduce future visits and assist in maintaining the life of your machine.

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Machine Servicing

Our goals are to maintain the highest quality standards in our industry to provide the best customer service possible and continue customer care through the project to completion.

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We service all types of equipment including washers, dryers and drying cabinets. We do Vended (card or coin-operated) and Non-Vended. We can replace the bearings, fix leaks, and provide new lint screens just to name a few. We recommend scheduling Preventative Maintenance to prolong equipment life and lessen surprise service calls.

We have clients with animal shelters, Laundromats, public housing, school facilities, sports arenas, hotels and inns. No matter your amenities, we can accommodate you.