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2019 New England Fire Chiefs Conference

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Contaminated turnout gear is hazardous or even life-threatening to firefighters. If not properly cared for, these contaminants can be passed to their families or even the public. Improper care can also damage garments. NFPA outlined proper care and standards to maintain protective gear. It is critical to comply with these guidelines for health, decontamination, and maintaining the integrity of the fabrics. 

How Can STN Help?

STN Laundry is proud to provide equipment with these specific requirements to the fire industry. We are proud to be represented in the marketplace by a former Battalion Chief Bill Fitzmaurice who understands the specific requirements that every department needs Our front loaders are programmable to deposit the proper chemicals, at the proper time, in the proper amount. We will set you up with a chemical company to ensure you are getting the very best care for you, your family and your protective gear. In addition to washing requirements, turnout gear should not be tumbled dry. We carry the industry leading ADC Drying Cabinets. The U.S. Fire Administration added laundry equipment to the list of what could be purchased with Assistance to Firefighters Grant money... Having the proper equipment in-house saves money, saves the time it takes to send gear out and ultimately protects your health. Every little bit counts when it comes to saving lives.

Bill Fitzmaurice, Battalion Chief (Ret.) Public Safety Sales Specialist

ADC® Firefighter's Turn Out Gear Drying Cabinet

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