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Non Vended Equipment (OPL)

When it comes to running your facility, the right On Premises Laundry equipment installed to maximize efficiency is everything. Whether it be Healthcare, Hospitality, Veterinary, Educational, Gyms or Spas or any other need for commercial laundry, we have the answers!

At STN we offer more than just the best equipment and service! We can help you make your facility work smarter!

  • Right size equipment with future flexibility
  • Room design & layout with Cad Drawings
  • Laundry equipment installation by STN... Not a third party
  • Programming and Training Preventative maintenance schedules
  • Reduce your energy cost
  • Custom Ozone systems
  • Fast, reliable service!

American Dryer Corporation

From hotels to hospitals and nursing homes to health clubs, efficient and reliable on-premise laundry facilities are a critical component of the overall operations. We offer a variety of different dryer models that perform flawlessly even when demands are high. If you’re looking for efficiency and round-the-clock reliability, look to ADC.


ADC OPL Commercial Dryers

American Dryer built its reputation on the AD series dryer because, simply put, these dryers are built to last. Our engineer driven approach and our passion for innovative design and top-to-bottom quality are designed to make the AD series dryer a popular choice for on-premise laundries around the world.

ADC OPL Dryers

ADC Large Capacity Dryers

ADC’s industrial dryers are built upon the principle of large capacity and swift production at an affordable price. With full capacity tumblers and various door and tilt configurations, you are assured the ability to dry fast and efficiently without the large price tag. We offer a unique design for demanding applications.

ADC Industrial

ADC Commercial Washers

ADC has long created innovative, performance-built products, and our first foray into the multi-load washer market is no exception. The EcoWash Commercial Washer is designed for versatility and delivers durable performance, every single day.

ADC EcoWash


At Fagor Industrial we adapt to the requirements of each customer, offering a wide range of options. The new TPS control panel is a great development which includes a greater number of features based on efficiency, versatility, and connectivity, amongst others. Our industrial washers (whether they are low, medium or high speed), are equipped with the highest G Force on the market, which guarantees minimum residual moisture, meaning lower energy costs during the drying cycle.

Fagor WasherFagor Washers

Fagor offers a solution for every customer.  From soft mount to rigid, 200G to 450G spin, from 25lb to 298lbs, Fagor adapts to each users needs!

Fagor Washers
Fagor Dryer

Fagor Dryers

Fagor Dryers are designed for your comfort and ease of use. Blending ergonomics, versatility, and outstanding construction features, Fagor has a full line of single pocket dryers for your needs! 

Fagor Dryers

Fagor Industrial Ironers

The industrial ironers from Fagor Industrial are designed to give the best performance and productivity with truly remarkable energy efficiency and time savings. nThe quality of flatwork ironing with our machines is renowned by users and valued as one of their most significant notable aspects. 

Fagor Ironers