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Health and Safety Risks

Firefighters face serious health risks every day. Battling flames, heat, mental and physical stress, high levels of carbon monoxide and other toxic elements. Additionally firefighters face a higher risk for many diseases, including heart disease, stress, chronic respiratory illnesses, Hepatitis B and C, and an increased risk of cancers. Firefighters have a 60% chance of dying from cancer compared to 20% for the rest of the population.

This risk is with the special design of turnout gear to protect firefighters. To minimize the risk to our everyday heroes we are proud to offer the right equipment to clean and decontaminate your PPE.

PPE Care

Contaminated turnout gear is hazardous or even life-threatening to firefighters. Honing the cleaning process of PPE is the best option for caring for firefighter health. If not properly cared for, these contaminants can be passed to their families or even the public. Improper care can compromise the life span of your protective garments, putting your health at a greater risk.

NFPA outlined proper care and standards to maintain protective gear. It is critical to comply with these guidelines for health, decontamination, and maintaining the integrity of the fabrics. For a complete list of NFPA 1851 guidelines, visit ...

NFPA Recommendations

-Protective gear should be cleaned as soon as possible after exposure.

-Advises against being laundered at home or in public facilities.

-Recommends using a front loader with extract speed not exceeding 100 Gs and maximum water temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

STN Laundry is proud to provide equipment with these specific requirements to the fire industry.

Our front loaders are programmable to deposit the proper chemicals, at the proper time, in the proper amount. We will set you up with a chemical company to ensure you are getting the very best care for you, your family and your protective gear.

In addition to washing requirements, turnout gear should not be tumbled dry. We carry PPE Drying Cabinets.

The U.S. Fire Administration added laundry equipment to the list of what could be purchased with Assistance to Firefighters Grant money...

Having the proper equipment in house saves money, the time it takes to send gear out and ultimately protects your health. Every little bit counts when it comes to saving lives.